Plenary Lectures

The plenary lectures will be delivered by:

Thomas Parisini
Imperial College London, UK, IEEE CSS President
Title: Decentralized Global Minimum Sharing: Properties and Applications

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Shanlin Yang
Hefei University of Technology, China, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Title:Science, Technology, Engineering, and Industry

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Long Wang
Peking University, China
Title:Wiener Meets von Neumann: Feedback Dictates Intelligence
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Sandra Hirche
Technical University of Munich, Germany, IEEE Fellow
Title: Personalized robotic rehabilitation and assistance - a controls perspective
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S. Joe Qin
City University of Hong Kong, IEEE Fellow, IFAC Fellow, NAI Fellow

Title: Dynamic Latent Variable Modeling and Feature Analysis of Systems with Reduced Dynamic Dimensions

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Liangliang Xie
University of Waterloo, Canada, IEEE Fellow
Title: The Essence and Limitation of Shannon Information Theory 

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Ming Cao
University of Groningen, The Netherlands, IEEE Fellow, European Control Award, Manfred Thoma medal

Title: A game theoretic approach towards integration of learning, decision-making and control for autonomous agents

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