Conference Introduction

The 41st Chinese Control Conference (CCC 2022) will be held during July 25-27, 2022 in Heifei, Anhui, China. The CCC is an annual international conference sponsored by the Technical Committee on Control Theory (TCCT), Chinese Association of Automation (CAA). It aims to bring together the international community of systems and control to discuss the latest findings and advances in control theories and technologies. The CCC 2022 will feature plenary lectures, panel discussions, development forums, preconference workshops, oral presentation sessions and interactive sessions. The papers of CCC in English will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore library.

Hefei, located in East China between the Yangtze River and Huai River and encircling the Chao Lake, is the capital city of Anhui province andsecond center of the Yangtze Delta metropolitan area. It is also a comprehensive national science center, and a modem manufacturing base andtransportation hub. Hefei has profound cultural heritage with many places of interest and cultural landscapes, such as Dragon Spring Temple.Mingjiao Temple, Lord Bao Memorial Temple, Xiaoyaojin Park, Zhouyu Tomb, and Three Kingdoms Relics Park. A strong academic atmosphereblended with a long-standing cultural vitality will undoubtedly make your participation worthwhile. Welcome to CCC 2022! Welcome to Hefei!

Program Committee Secretariat:(Scan QR code to follow wechat official account

Ms. Ying Qu

Tel: +86-13439292673


Address: No.55 Zhongguancun East Road, Beijing 100190, P.R. China

    Organizing Committee Secretariat:

    Ms. Jin Li, Mr. Yunliang Xiao, Ms. Bingqi Pan, Ms. Ping Zhao

    Tel: +86-551-62391698


    Address: Number 5089 Wangjiang West Road, Hefei, Anhui Province, P.R. China

Instructions for Authors
Submission Statement

1All submissions (including papers, proposals of invited sessions) should be submitted online via

2The CCC presents the Guan Zhao-Zhi Best Paper Award and the SCIS-CCC Poster Paper Award. Detailed application information can be found at

3Invited session proposals should include papers including a package consisting of a proposal about 1000 words and a list of all the invited papers including the paper titles, abstracts, and the Authors Jnames & affiliations. Typically, an invited session consists of 6 papers. See conference website: for details.

Important Dates

Opening date for all submissions: October 1,2021

Deadline for all submissions: January 31,2022

Notification of acceptance: April 1,2022

Final submission: April 30, 2022

In order to facilitate domestic and foreign scholars to participate in academic exchanges, the conference languages of China Control Conference (CCC) have always been Chinese and English, that is, the on-site communication of the conference and the papers included in the conference proceedings can be both Chinese and English. However, since 2014, papers submitted to IEEE conference publication operations must be in English, and IEEE will arrange further evaluation for all submitted papers. Only papers that pass its evaluation are allowed to apply to enter IEEE Xplore (and then be retrieved by EI). Therefore, the 40th China Control Conference (ccc2022) states as follows:

1. The languages of papers included in ccc2022 on-site communication and conference proceedings are Chinese and English;

2. English papers will be submitted to IEEE and Chinese papers will not be submitted;

3. The author of the thesis needs to submit a written statement together with the submitted manuscript to ensure that the thesis has no academic misconduct. During the review process of the meeting, IEEE related plagiarism inspection system will be used to review all manuscripts. The problematic papers will be reported to the procedure Committee for processing, and they cannot enter IEEE Xplore.

Procedure Committee of the 41st China Control Conference