Registration fee:

Before April 30th

After April 30th

Participant with one paper

(Students, CAA and IEEE Members, TCCT members)





Participant with two papers

(Students, CAA and IEEE Members, TCCT members)





Participant without papers

(Students, CAA and IEEE Members, TCCT members)





Audit students


Remark: The registration fee for authors with one paper is 3400 RMB, and that for authors with two papers is 4400RMB. At most two papers can be uploaded for one registration. If you have more than two papers to be uploaded, please make extra registration(s). The registration fee for participants without papers is 2400RMB. Each paper is limited to 6 pages of A4 paper, and the system will allow up to 8 pages with an additional fee of 375 RMB per page for the extra pages.

Bank account for wire transfer:

Account Name: Chinese Association of Automation

Account Number: 11250101040011739

Bank Name: Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Branch

Bank Address: No.1, Zhongkeaike, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Swift Code: ABOCCNBJ010


Chinese Association of Automation is the unique authorized party for charging registration fee of CCC2022. Please DO NOT transfer or remit money to any other accounts or personal accounts.

The conference can provide invoice for registration fees. If you need an invoice, please send the document (click invoice_information.xlsx download) to us ( before July 30, 2022.

Procedure for registration

(1)Participant with papers:

Please visit the registration page, and provide the information of your registration including your PIN in the TCCT Conference Paper Management System which is used to get your accepted paper list by clicking the “Add Papers” button, select the Paper IDs you want to register and choose the correct page number for each paper (only the paper numbers 7 and 8 make sense actually), then pay the registration fee with your preferred payment method. Please note that if you choose the payment method with bank transfer, a transfer voucher is suggested to be uploaded to the registration system. After you succeed to submit the registration information and complete the payment, you will get a “Paper Code” for each paper which will be used to submit your final paper in the paper submission system.

(2)Participant without papers:

Please visit the registration page and follow the procedure similar to the above but you do not need to provide the.PIN and paper information.

Final submissions

After finishing the payment in the registration system, a “Paper Code” will be provided for each registered paper to the participant for uploading the final paper. If there is any problem with the paper code, please contact us via as soon as possible.

Please log in the paper submission system ( , and enter the “Author Center of CCC2022”. Select a registered paper, transfer its copyright to the TCCT (only for full paper) and then click “Final Submission” to enter the paper code submission page. You can choose the correct number of extra pages and copy the paper code from the registration system to verify it. If the code verification is passed by the submission system, then you can submit the final paper.

The corresponding author of the paper can modify the author information while submitting the final paper. If you need to change the corresponding author, please let the corresponding author send an email to, indicating the Paper ID and the personal PIN of the new corresponding author.

Final submission requirements

The conference publishes a USB proceedings with collection of all final papers. In order to make the publishment procedure go smooth, please let your final paper meet the following requirements before the submission.

1. Length

Each paper is limited to 6 pages of A4 paper, and the system will accept the paper file with no more than 8 pages. An additional fee of 375 RMB per page will be charged in excess of 6 pages.

2. Type setting

Papers can be prepared with MS Word and LaTeX. The Chinese Control Conference provides four templates for MS Word and LaTeX respectively both in Chinese and English versions. Please visit and click “Templates for Chinese Control Conference” to download these templates. If you are using an old template, please download the latest template for layout. Due to the tight time for publishing the conference proceedings, the author is requested to arrange the papers in strict accordance with the specifications in the template, so as to reduce the time delay caused by the repeated modification due to the unqualified layout. For papers that still fail to meet the requirements after several revisions, the conference has the right to exclude them from the conference proceedings.

3.Files uploading

Please upload a PDF version and all source files of the paper. If there are some figures in the paper, please make sure the figures are clear. In a word, a PDF file and a MS Word source file, or a PDF file and a package file of all LaTeX source files including figures, bib files and so on, are required to be uploaded.

Remark: Please make sure that the PDF file is consistent with the provided source file; and confirm that the submitted latex source files can be compiled independently.

4. Submission method

The paper is submitted online. Please log in the TCCT Conference Paper Management System (, enter the Author Center of CCC2022, select a registered paper, click its corresponding link Final Submission (the copyright transfer should be made for a full paper), and upload all required paper files. The system only accepts file types .pdf, .doc, .docx,.tex,.zip,.rar, and limits the file size up to 4MB. If you have any figure file, it is recommended that you pack the figure files and the source file together to a compressed file for uploading.

5. Special reminder

■All authors of the paper must be registered in the conference registration system, correctly fill in the number of authors in the final submission form, and fill in the PINs of all authors according to the order in which the authors appear in the paper, otherwise their names and personal information will not appear accurately in all materials of the conference;

■Information about conference program, accommodation, etc., will be detailed in the conference notice issued in the middle of May, or you can visit the conference website ( ) for any up-to-date information.