Paper Submission
Paper Submission

The author is requested to approve it before January 31, 2022 Submit the first draft of the paper in PDF format. The meeting accepts English or Chinese manuscripts, but the English and Chinese versions of the same paper shall not be submitted at the same time. The first draft paper shall not exceed 8 pages. After the paper is employed through the review procedure, the final paper submitted shall be limited to 8 pages, but the part exceeding 6 pages shall pay the layout fee per page.

Paper submission

All papers are submitted and reviewed through our online conference paper management system. Before submitting your paper, please ensure that you have registered an account (PIN) in the submission system. If you have already registered, please do not register again. In addition, all authors' information needs to be submitted, which also means that all paper authors should register an account in the submission system

1. Prepare your full text PDF file

2. Log in the conference paper management system with your pin and password( )

3. Click to enter ccc2022 author workspace

4. Select a submission type you want to submit (see below for the description of submission type) to start submission

Each successfully submitted paper will be assigned a unique paper ID. please indicate your paper ID when you contact us by email.

Description of submission type

■ regular paper

For ordinary papers (non invited group papers), please select regular paper type for submission. The first draft of the thesis shall not exceed 8 pages, and the employed thesis shall not exceed 8 pages, but the part exceeding 6 pages shall pay the layout fee per page.

■ invited session proposal

If you want to organize an invitation group, please first submit an application of about 1000 words through the submission system and select the invited session proposal type to submit. After successful submission, you will be assigned a session code. Please inform all the paper authors of your invitation group of this code. The theme of the papers in the same invitation group should be clear and concentrated. The invitation group generally has 6 papers. If the organized Invitation Group is approved, the application form of the invitation group does not need to submit the final draft and registration.

■ invited session paper

Please select invited session paper and fill in the grouping code (if you don't know, please contact the organizer of the invitation group). Please note that all invited papers should be submitted before the deadline of the first draft of the conference. The invited papers will enter the conference review process together with ordinary papers. The number of pages shall be the same as that of regular paper.

■Extended Abstract

You only need to submit a long summary and include it in the collection of essays, but not in IEEE Xplore, EI, CNKI and other searches. Published results can also be submitted.